Mining Contractor
Highly skilled and motivated mining workforce


  • Ladder Rising
  • Alimak Rising
  • Long Hole Rising
  • Stoping (Hand Held and Long Hole)
  • Jumbo and Airleg Development
  • Shaft Sinking
  • Extraction and Haulage
  • Ground Support
  • Shaft Sinking and Shaft Refurbishment
  • Tunnelling and Tunnel Refurbishment
  • Civil Construction

Mining Capabilities

Specialising in;

  • Narrow veined hardrock mining
  • In drill and blast type development (both mechanical and hand held)
  • Shaftwork (this includes pre-shrink installing liners, grouting to control water and strengthen ground for mining)
  • Bolting and meshing
  • Shotcreting
  • Stoping
  • Vent raises (including Alimak up to and over 200mtrs)
  • Ground Support

All work in our 10 year history has been completed to budget and withint the specified time-frame.

Sinking Blind Shaft
Sinking Blind Shaft
Shaft Sink  at  78 degrees
Shaft Sink at 78 degrees
Ladder Rise Charged
Ladder Rise Charged
Stoping Ore
Stoping Ore