Mining Contractor
Highly skilled and motivated mining workforce


  • Ladder Rising
  • Alimak Rising
  • Long Hole Rising
  • Stoping (Hand Held and Long Hole)
  • Jumbo and Airleg Development
  • Shaft Sinking
  • Extraction and Haulage
  • Ground Support
  • Shaft Sinking and Shaft Refurbishment
  • Tunnelling and Tunnel Refurbishment
  • Civil Construction

Proven Safety Record

We use safe work procedures generated through thorough risk analysis and experience and have an excellent safety and training system in place, backed by an almost perfect LTI record.

As an integral part of the company, a safety and health management system has been implemented that includes;

  • Company Policies (Health and Safety, Code of Conduct, Fitness for Work, Drug and Alcohol in the Workplace, Disciplinary action,   Discrimination, Environmental, Confidentiality, and Personal protective equipment.)
  • Site Specific Standard Working Procedures
  • Standardised Job Descriptions
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Control Procedures

Point Break Mining is committed to the personal development of its staff and the safe provision of quality work to the mining and tunnelling sector

Company Policies

Point Break Mining Pty. Ltd. (PBM) has several company policies as part of health, safety and quality management systems. Outlined below are three key policies. Other policies exist and are available on request.

Safety Policy

Point Break Mining Pty Ltd. (PBM) is committed to providing  a healthy and safe workplace by the implementation of a Safety Management Plan which includes a “Standard Work Procedure” for each task in our mining operations. We also require a “Job Safety Analysis” for any task that is not covered in the procedures. Hazard identification, control measures and constant monitoring and revision of procedures ensures the companies work standards are maintained at a high level.

Point Break Mining Pty Ltd shall comply with the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act and Regulations. We will achieve or surpass the requirements of relevant standards and guidelines.

Through training and education, we shall ensure all personnel are familiar with and comply with the requirements of the health and environmental Acts and Legislation.

Well maintained plant and equipment, and competent personnel, ensures contractual targets are met.

Consultation with the client, employees, contractors, OHS representatives, suppliers, independent experts and systems auditors, we shall ensure ongoing innovation and improvement.

Fitness For Work Policy

Point Break Mining Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring all of its employees maintain an acceptable level of fitness for work at the start of every job and throughout each resulting shift. This is achieved through awareness, education, and where required, counselling and disciplinary action.

Point Break Mining Pty Ltd recognises that an individual’s fitness for work may be affected for a variety of reasons including the adverse effects of fatigue, stress, alcohol or other drugs. ( Substance abuse comes under this Policy Statement).

Point Break Mining Pty Ltd shall, through its Fitness For Work Policy, provide assistance to deal with difficult and often sensitive issues.

PBM shall provide a safe working environment for all individuals at their workplace by:

  • Ensuring all employees realize a Duty of Care to themselves and others.
  • Taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that whilst at work, PBM employees are free from risk of injury to themselves or others.
  • Provide assistance through a range of preventative, educational and rehabilitative measures to overcome problems that could impair PBM employees fitness for work
  • Ensuring that all employees who are deemed unfit for work are dealt with in an effective, fair and constructive manner.

Quality Policy Statement

Point Break Mining Pty Ltd (PBM) is a contracting company that strives to supply a range of services to the Mining Industry at a high standard. The very nature of these activities requires PBM to place particular emphasis on the clients needs to ensure the relevant quality; safety and environmental standards are met.

The major objectives of PBM include:

  • Maintaining focused and dedicated employees whose performance is based on:
    • Training and education
    • Recognition of achievement.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude on safety and environmental aspects.
  • Utilising fundamentally sound management techniques which allow improved efficiency and productivity standards whilst ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Identifying the needs of the client and constituting the required service package equipped to meet those requirements.

It is essential that basic principals within PBM embrace co-operation and participation with the client. It is important that all employees actively participate in the effective implementation of this quality system.